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Training, support, and resources to solve the toughest pavement management problems

Pavement Preservation for Local Road Agencies

Transportation Asset Management &

PASER Pavement Condition Evaluation

Plow truck plowing snow

Winter Operations

Covers the technical details and science of deicers, along with field-proven practices to help road agency managers and operators implement efficient winter maintenance practices.  Training titles include:

Fundamentals of Roadway Ice Control: 

For managers and decision makers

Winter Maintenance for Operators:

Ice control, equipment inspection & personal safety

Salt Bounce and Scatter: A perfect storm

Marking truck applying lines

Managing Pavement Marking Projects

Every year local agencies spend millions on pavement markings.  These trainings can help ensure your agency gets what it paid for.  Training titles include:

Pavement Marking for Managers and Elected Officials: How to prepare an effective Invitation to Bid (ITB)

The Dark Side of Pavement Marking Projects:                 

How to detect and prevent contractor cheating

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