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Transportation Asset Management & PASER for Counties & Cities

Training, support, and resources to solve the toughest pavement management problems

A Serious Problem

Pavement is the largest, most valuable asset in any county, city, town or village. But most agencies treat their streets and highways as if they're disposable; they let the pavement deteriorate until it fails, and then they reconstruct. This is the "worst-first" approach . . . (more)

A Simple Solution

Two words: pavement preservation. On a typical pavement deterioration curve  it's easy to see why preservation works.  Keep the good roads good; it's as simple as that. But making the change at your agency can be challenging. Transportation Asset Management (TAM) is the key.

Want Proof?  Do the Math!

Repaving one mile of a typical two-lane asphalt road costs over $30,000 per year of added life. Crack sealing one mile of road costs less than $5,000 per year of added lifeWhen you do the math, it's easy to see why preservation makes sense.

Don't think your agency can do this?

These online trainings are suitable for technical and non technical learners alike.   Whether you are an engineer, a technician, a manager, a superintendent, a clerk, a foreman, or an elected official.  The TAM training provides a thorough understanding of TAM as it applies to counties and cities.  The PASER training doesn't just explain the method, it actually explains HOW you make it work, efficiently and safely, then what to do with the data once you have it.  Together, they form the foundation for the implementation of your agency's pavement preservation effort.  Along with the testing and a certificate to prove it.  
Pavement Preservation for Local Road Agencies – PREMIUM Training


  • Concepts of Transportation Asset Management 

  • Pavement Condition Assessment Methods

  • Basic Data Elements for Local Agencies 

  • Building an Inventory, Collecting & Storing Data

  • The Language of Pavement 

  • A Mix of Fixes 

  • Analysis and Output you Can Expect

  • Predicting Future Pavement Condition (5 modules)

  • TAM Testing

  • The Mix of Fixes Challenge

  • Training Handouts

  • Access to the Instructor's TAM Library

  • Certificate of Completion

  • One-On-One with the Instructor for questions during the training

  • 2.5 PDH Credits

  • Email or Phone Calls with the Instructor to support your implementation

  • Introduction to Asphalt PASER

  • PASER Asphalt Distress Introduction

  • Identifying Nonstructural Distress 

  • Identifying Structural Distress 

  • Desiccation Cracking Guide

  • Asphalt Distress Quiz

  • The PASER Method for Asphalt

  • An Alternative PASER Approach for Block Cracking 

  • How to Use PASER to Rate Streets & Highways  

  • PASER Best Practices When Using PASER

  • Best Safety Practices When Using PASER on the Road 

  • Best Practices Quiz

  • Why PASER?  Six Good Reasons

  • The New Google Sheets PASER Data Analysis

  • Data Concerns

  • Build the Pavement Cycle of Life Slide

  • PASER Asphalt Diagram Exercises

  • PASER Asphalt Exercises

  • PASER Field Guide

  • Certificate of Completion

  • One-On-One with the Instructor for questions during the training

  • 2.5 PDH Credits

  • Email or Phone Calls with the Instructor when doing PASER ratings

$129 for PASER 12-month License & Support
$139 for TAM 12-month License & Support

Meet Your Instructor

Terry McNinch is an accomplished leader in the world of technology transfer and an internationally recognized roadway asset management expert.

Since retiring as director of the Center for Technology & Training (CTT) and the Michigan Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) at Michigan Tech University in 2010, Terry has been exploring methods for bringing online training into the fields of transportation and public works.  His primary expertise involves roadway asset management, the use of the PASER pavement condition evaluation method and pre disaster asset condition documentation.  He has conducted workshops for the LTAP programs in Louisiana and Indiana, and as far away as Kabul, Afghanistan as part of a United Nations project.  


Terry McNinch phoo

Real people making a lasting difference with transportation asset management


When I look for training for road agencies in Indiana, I consider two factors: the trainer and the delivery platform. In this case, both are top-notch. Terry's thorough knowledge of asset management from many perspectives is a huge benefit for local agencies and the industry. The online training format, organized into short segments, is convenient, accessible, and enjoyable to watch.


Rich Domonkos 

Training Manager

Indiana LTAP at Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana

Easy to Understand

Terry was instrumental in helping us develop and launch our Asset Management program in 2004. With the program in place, our townships have funded between $2.5 and $3.5 million per year in improvements. They look forward to the annual report on the progress in improving the roads for their residents. We thank Terry for making Asset Management easy to understand and easy to explain to others.

Brian Gutowski, P.E.


Emmet County Road Commission

Harbor Springs, Michigan

Very Effective

Terry is very knowledgeable and he teaches the material in a way that helps technical and non-technical people make good decisions together.

The pavement management system that we had in place did not enable us to evaluate our roads in any meaningful way. The PASER Method will allow us to more closely define the actual pavement condition and use this information to formulate a very effective pavement management program.

Mitchell P. Wyble, P.E.

Public Works City Engineer

Lafayette Consolidated Government

Lafayette, Louisiana


I usually have to drive 150 miles round-trip to attend asset management training. I can't tell you how much I appreciate having it available online!

Monte Poling

City Manager

City of Union City, Indiana

Training & Support That Gets Results

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