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The Science & Art of Snow & Ice Control

Keeping roads snow- and ice-free in the winter is expensive and labor-intensive. In northern states, it can consume 70% of an agency's maintenance budget. In the south, one or two severe storms can cripple an agency's finances.


This winter maintenance training provides a thorough explanation of the science behind ice formation and ice control. Technical details, easy to understand science, and field-proven practices. 

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Winter Maintenance Training Bundle - All Three Titles for One Low Price

$149 for a 60-day, group-view license with one set of login credentials. 

Good for a single county, city, town or village; or DOT facility location. 

$89 to renew access after initial license expiration -- call or email

Millions of pounds of salt is wasted every winter because DOTs, local agencies and their operators don’t understand the bounce and scatter problem. 


In a nutshell, there are three things that work together to make salt bounce and scatter a massive waste . . . (MORE)

#1 Speed Wastes Salt - The Proof Is in the Numbers (11 min)
Fundamentals of Ice Control for Winter Maintenance Operators
Roadway Asset Management with PASER
These modules explain the science of ice control in a way everyone can understand
  • How Ice Forms on the Pavement (5 min)

  • Key Concepts and Definitions (11 min)

  • How Ice Control Materials Work (12 min)

  • Why Anti-icing and Deicing Efforts Fail (PDF Download)

Equipment Inspection & Personal Safety for Winter Maintenance Operators
plow for web.png
Equipment inspection and personal safety are key to successful winter operations
  • Where Inspection Fits in the Big Picture (3 min)

  • Preparing Your Workspace: The Cab And Interior Controls (5 min)

  • Check Your Lights, Mirrors and Plows (7 min)

  • Verify Important Components and Systems (7 min)

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