Award-Winning Training to Help Prevent Discrimination and Harassment

The easiest way to ensure a healthy work environment

Few workplace behaviors are more damaging than discrimination and harassment. In public agencies, such behaviors can be especially destructive because of the impact on the community.


Training is the easiest way to prevent discrimination and harassment and ensure a healthy work environment for everyone.

Good Training or Great Training?

Good training delivers accurate information that helps a learner understand a topic more thoroughly. Great training does that, plus it motivates the learner to take action. 

Good training engages the head. Great training engages the head and the heart.



Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Employees

This 30-minute course covers the core Federal discrimination and harassment laws enforced for the EEOC.  The course includes a wide variety of quizzes and exercises to better enable understanding of the material. This course includes an acknowledgment form at the end, where learners affirmatively agree they understand the law and your company policy, and agree to be bound by it.

$32.50 per person

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Managers

This 60-minute manager version builds on the employee version by adding training that managers uniquely need to know. Experience shows that many claims of discrimination and harassment stem from well-meaning, but ill-informed managers, that don’t respond appropriately to events they either observe directly or that are brought to them by a team member. 

$32.50 per person

Discrimination and Harassment Training to Satisfy AB 1825 and AB 2053 Requirements in California and Connecticut

Legislation in California and Connecticut requires two hours (120 min) of manager training. This course picks up where the standard manager course ends and includes interviews with the roving reporter, as well as enrichment episodes on Anti-Bullying, Diversity, Domestic Abuse & more.  This CA/CT Managers course satisfies the training requirements for both AB 2053 and AB 1825. By assembling a development team of creative professionals with experience in the Fair Employment and Housing Act and Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, this course not only satisfies the demands of employers and employees, but also meets the expectations of the state.

$32.50 per person


  • Short segments easily fit into busy schedules

  • Interactive format ensures learner engagement

  • License includes one full year of access to the course through the cloud-based learning management system (LMS)

  • Multiple licenses purchased by the same agency also include administrative access to a secure sub-portal of our LMS  managing users and distributing licenses

  • Discounts available for multi-license purchases. Click here for more info

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