Pavement marking is a highly technical mobile manufacturing process

To get the best possible performance out of your pavement markings you have to:


  1. Understand the pavement marking process, from start to finish;

  2. Understand the performance advantages of the different types of materials

  3. Write a detailed invitation to bid to attract high-performing contractors and ensure high-quality markings; and

  4. Inspect the installation process, from material delivery to project closeout.


The Right Training is critical

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Pavement Marking Basics (8 min)

How to Write an Effective Invitation to Bid (30 min)

How to Prevent Contractor Cheating (14 min)


Six parts of an effective invitation to bid for pavement marking projects (1 MB)

FHWA Synthesis of Pavement Marking Research (2 MB)


Choosing the Best Pavement Marking Material for Your Application

NCHRP Synthesis 356: Pavement Marking Design and Typical Layout Details