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Pavement Preservation Training and Resources

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Transportation Asset Management and Pre-disaster Documentation for Local Agencies


Workshop Materials

Downloads to reinforce and supplement what you learned 

Asphalt PASER Field Guide

Desiccation Cracking Field Guide

PASER Manual for Asphalt Roads

Wisconsin Transportation Information Center

PASER Manual for Sealcoat Roads

Wisconsin Transportation Information Center

Pavement Life Cycle PPT Slide

Splitting Segments – Best Practices

Concrete PASER Field Guide

Deterioration Curve Graphic

PASER Manual for Concrete Roads

Wisconsin Transportation Information Center

PASER Data Collection Log

Rating Sealcoat Roads (Modified)

Transportation Asset Management

Understand the concepts so you can implement effectively


Asset Management Data Collection for Supporting Decision Processes


At the Crossroads – Preserving our Highway Investment

National Center for Pavement Preservation

City of Manistee, MI Transportation Asset Management Plan

Estimating Life Expectencies of Highway Assets – Vol. 2, Report

The National Academies Press

Making Asset Management Work – Innovative Local Agency Implementation

Measuring Transportation Investments – The Road to Results

PEW Research Center

Nat'l Center for Pavement Preservation Quick Check of Highway Network Health

National Center for Pavement Preservation

Quality Management of Pavement Condition Data Collection – NCHRP Syn 401

The National Academies Press

Roadway Pavement Preservation – RTB Circular 2005

Transportation Research Board

Successful Practices in GIS Based Asset Management – NCHRP Report 800 

The National Academies Press

Asset Management Guide for Local Agencies in Michigan

MI Transportation Asset Management Council

Beyond the Short Term –TAM for Long-Term Performance


Estimating Life Expectencies of Highway Assets – Vol. 1, Guidebook

The National Academies Press

Federal Highway Administration Asset Management Primer


Meaningful Use of Collected Local Roads Data and Information

MI Local Agency Guidelines for Developing an Asset Mgmt Process and Plan

Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council

Public Benefits of Highway Preservation – NCHRP Syn 330

The National Academies Press

Road to Recovery – Transforming America's Transportation

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Spending Strategies to Save Taxpayer Dollars – Repair Priorities

Smart Growth Amer. & Taxpayers for Common Sense

Pavement Preservation Treatments

Assembling the best mix of fixes


Alternate Design Methods for Lightly Traveled Paved Roads

Minnesota DOT

Best Practices Handbook on Asphalt Pavement Maint. 

Minnesota LTAP

Chip Seal Best Practices – Washington State DOT

Washington State DOT

Cost Effectiveness of MDOT Preventive Maintenance

Michigan DOT

Low Volume Roads Pavement Management

Colorado DOT

Minnesota Seal Coat Handbook

Minnesota Local Roads Research Board

Pavement Patching Practices – NCHRP 463

The National Academies Press

The ABCs of Pavement Preservation

Ontario Hot Mix Producers Association

Asphalt Seal Coats

Washington State DOT

Chip Seal Best Practices – NCHRP Synthesis 342

The National Academies Press

Chip Seals for Improved Pavement Preservation

TR News

Kansas Chip Seal Manual

Kansas DOT

Manual for Emulsion-based Chip Seals – NCHRP 680

The National Academies Press

Optimal Timing of Preventive Maintenace – NCHRP 523

The National Academies Press

Practical Guide for Managing Data Collection


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