Introduction to Pavement Markings

Pavement Marking Basics: Purpose, Materials, and Application (8 min)

Pavement Markings for Managers and Decision Makers

How to Write an Effective Invitation to Bid for Pavement Marking Projects (30 min)

The Dark Side of Pavement Marking Projects

How to Recognize and Prevent Contractor Cheating (14 min)



Introduction to Transportation Asset Management (TAM)


Introduction to TAM (4 min)

Concepts of TAM (13 min)

Pavement Condition Assessment (16 min)

Basic Data Elements for Local Agency Pavement Management (11 min)

Building an Inventory, Collecting and Storing Data (9 min)

Overview of Pavement Deterioration and Maintenance (6 min)

Mixing Your Fixes to Get the Maximum Bang for Your Maintenance Buck (7 min)

Analysis and Output You Can Expect (7 min)

Predicting Future Condition (28 min)


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The PASER Method for Asphalt Pavement


Introduction to PASER (4 min)

Overview of Asphalt Distress (11 min)

The PASER Method for Asphalt Pavement (13 min)

An Alternative PASER Approach for Evaluating Block Cracking in Asphalt (11 min)

How to use PASER to Rate Streets and Highways (11 min)

Best Practices for Applying PASER in the Field (10 min)

Safety Considerations When Evaluating Pavement Condition (2 min)

Why PASER? Six Good Reasons (3 min)

PASER Exercises (35 min)


(contact us for details)

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